Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wow, I'm a lowsy poster lately!

I think about posting all the time - normally when I cannot. I have decided to try something new this week though - when class gets too boring for words, I will post instead of daydreaming about coffee and a paying job.

We were asked a few weeks ago if it was ok for undergrads to come observe the classrooms we are in, and I said sure. So the girl they had contact me is only available to come to the high school during actual school hours one day a week. Right. And, that one day being Fridays, and having no school the next few Fridays, I wasn't sure she was going to make it. But she did decide to come this past week, and emailed me Thursday to let me know.

In said email, she indicated that she didn't know where the school was. So she felt I should give her directions. Seriously.

My reaction, not the kindest I ever had, but the only witnesses were Mr Duck and the kitties, was "Oh, for FUCK'S sake!" Said in a voice loud enough to concern Mr Duck out in the living room. The chick is in college and she hasn't mastered the art of Mapquest? It's not like this is a big, confusing town. You can get to any part of this town, from any part of this town, in under 15 minutes. She needs directions? She needs them typed out by me?

My reply was "head North on xx road until you hit yy road. Turn left, it's 2 blocks down on your left." I reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy wanted to say "hope you don't get lost," or "get in your car. put on seatbelt. turn key in ignition. head north until you see signs saying 'HS next left. at that point, go left. watch for large public institution, with underage people smoking out front."

Honestly, the town in so small I didn't even have to know where she was coming from to give her directions.

Turns out, of course, that she was suuuuper nice and sweet and competant-seeming when she got to the classroom. Never can tell. But I totally stand by my overreaction.

PS - the kids ate the crickets (and all of my ginormous pumkin pie dish). It was so gross, I couldn't even cut them (there were only 7, so we cut them in half for the kids who wanted to all have a head or butt. They are all much, much braver than I.


Blogger Becky said...

In her position, that was awkward to ask for directions.

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