Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Divinity of Shoes

Every day lately we have been getting mailers from Jim Torrey and his opponent, Nancy something. Whatever. I really hate political season. What has been getting me about these ads is that both sides' arguments consists of "I am great! I support our schools! Here's some pics of me with kids!!!!!!"

I have NO IDEA what party either is affilitated with, what their actual positions on actual issues are, whether or not they win the fight against halitosis, any of the criteria I usually apply when picking candidates to single-handidly place in office. All I know is they think kids are important to me. As if. I teach because I like breaking their shiny little spirits, like most teachers.

If my Battlestar Galactica is interupted by one more of their "ooh, ohh, the OTHER one is all partisan!!!!" ads, I might just shoot my tv. And if I bust a cap in my telly, and miss the next installment of Lost, I might just have to take it out on Mr and Mrs Senate "I love kids more than you do" Hopefuls 2006. Violently. Bloodily. The severing of important appendages could be involved. And the feeding of said newly liberated body parts to drunken frat boys. How long til November?

On a nicer note, this week I got shoes shoes and more shoes. 4 fabulous pairs of flats, for which to work in. All on sale, one pair for $6! Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was cheap like me? I love new shoes. Really really really. I especially love when my favorite pair is in stock in my size. Somehow, the stores still feel it prudent to order 10 pairs of size 6, and only one 10. I know I gripe about this all the time, but for the love of America, it's not like I'm even that tall. You can tell their ordering is crappy, because when things go on clearance, they have 6 racks of size 7, and half a rack of 10s left. Hmmmm, maybe all those customers you turn away with the magic words "we already sold our 10" would give you more money if you sold them something? You think?

I'm just on this kick because this was the first time since junior high that I went shoe shopping and they had the shoes I liked in stock in my size. Cute, and flattering, and fun. New shoes make me fell so fabulous and feminine. Cute shoes are good for the soul. Almost enough to turn a girl religious. But only if they are all in stock next time, too. Don't hold your breathe.


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