Sunday, October 01, 2006


I dragged Mr. Duck to a play for the first time this weekend. We have been to concerts and the symphony, but he has never seemed too keen on the theater. But there was an encore of a very popular presentation of Midsummer Night's Dream from campus theater, and I know the young woman playing Hippolyta/Oberon (they had some fun with the traditional gender roles in the casting), so I insisted he come.

Hands down, the funniest play I have ever seen. They had so much fun with the delivery and characters, we were laughing the whole time. The set was almost bare of props, mostly just a few narrow curtains that doubled as walls/trees, and a rolling bed for Titania's fairies (played by a man, Titania was a fairy in several senses... very over-the-top in a pink velvet bustier/codpiece... loved it). They also made songs of many of Puck's interludes, and just generally had a blast. Mr. Duck even liked it. Which, of course, just encourages me to drag him to more!

In other news, the first week of classes is over (we celebrated at a BBQ at Nordy's house yesterday). It will be a busy term, naturally. But this marks the start of my very last year in school (as a student anyway)!!!!!!!!! This clearly makes me happy. Very happy indeed.


Blogger Becky said...

I love this play. My half-sister was just cast as Titania in her college production in Chicago. I'm trying to see if I can go for one of the weekends in November.

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