Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a Helper

Two things

1 Holy crap, the Italian team is chock-full of hotties. This is my kinda sport.

2 Noooo! My thumb drive! I don't CARE if you need to save your thesis! Don't make me do the kitten-poses!
You know you can't resist my fluffy-belly-paws-up ninja moves! You have NO DEFENSE!!!!!!!

P.S. If France is called "le Bleu," which I am almost positive means "the blue," why the hell is Italy (whos flag is green, white and red, as evidenced on the top of my tv screen) wearing solid blue uniforms? Are they just trying to confuse the refs? Are they trying to appropriate the symbols of the team that has so thouroughly and repeatedly beat them these last few decades? Is their coach/kit designer colorblind?


Blogger Becky said...

Hands down, soccer guys are the hottest.

10:30 AM  

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