Friday, July 07, 2006


The week has, once again, been crazy. But I am bound and determined to finish editing my intro chapter tonight... We'll see if I succeed.

I went to the Museum shop for java this week, and it was so sad being there without S and Sunshine. They remodeled, and it's nice, but it's just not the same without them. Pathetic, aren't I?

But I did give in and get one of the little floppy enamel fish I have been admiring there for months. I put it on some embroidery thread with dragonflies I made on the ends, to use as a necklace (at least until I find the perfect ribbon).

Cute, no? The little round ring coming out of it's mouth I am thinking to leave there because A) it looks cute, like the fish is blowing a bubble, and B) it's freaking welded on, and I haven't got the time or energy to get it off.

I'll leave it to those who know me to determine which is the more powerful motivator there...

Anyhoo, tons to do and no time to do it!


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